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Hebe Alloun

I’m Hebe Alloun, I am a Mum and a Dancer and I founded Mum-Dance.

After I had my children, I wanted to go to a dance and exercise class that was fun and effective so I started choregraphing 1980’s dance routines in my kitchen.

Inspired by Fame, Flashdance, leotards, legwarmers and sweatbands, I started Mum-Dance with just 4 Mum-Dancers now there are classes all across the UK!

Women often avoid exercise because it feels demoralising and hard work.

Nobody wants to be shouted at in a gym or try to get unachievable results within weeks, and take before and after pictures in their pants and bra.

Many women give up on fitness, thinking it's not for them anymore because they don't know where they fit in.

Mum-Dance instructors

The Mum-Dance Promise

  1. Mum-Dance is never in gyms because nobody feels relaxed in the gym
  2. Mum-Dance comes to you in your local school because we know you're busy and it’s a laugh dancing in school again
  3. We dance barefoot because we’re dancers
  4. You can wear what you like and come as you are
  5. You will improve your core strength and pelvic floor function
  6. You will get better muscle tone everywhere and lose lbs
  7. You will laugh all the way through class
  8. You will sweat
  9. There’s no weird science at Mum-Dance, just effective and fun 1980’s routines in packed out classes with women just like YOU

Mum-Dance is about packed out classes with women just like you all having a laugh and getting themselves back.

Women want to get out with other women and have a laugh, not hide away doing box set fitness in their living rooms.

Blond Ambitition
Flashdance badge
Dirty dancing

Women everywhere want Mum-Dance because every woman knows how magnificent she was in her lycra doing dance routines in the 80’s with her mates and we all want to feel that good about fitness and exercise again.

Women love Mum-Dance because it’s about enjoying getting fit again and getting achievable results.

Mum-Dance is feel-good. Mum-Dance is a celebration of real women’s bodies. Mum-Dance is here to get you healthy, to give you back your physical strength and good function.

We are passionate about giving women the chance to reclaim their healthy body and when you get your body back you get YOU back!